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Social Media Marketing


"The use of social networks to market a company’s products and services as a way to reach new customers, engage with existing customers and promote its desired culture, mission or tone."

What is Social Media?

The term "social media" describes the ways in which individuals connect with one another through the creation, sharing, and/or exchange of knowledge inside online groups and networks. The primary accounts on Facebook, X/Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube are run by the Office of Communications and Marketing.

If you are marketing to the consumer you have to place SMM near the top of your marketing requirements. We can assist you in building engagement, brand loyalty, and increasing awareness via creative content and paid advertising.

Building engagement     Brand loyalty     Driving sales     Paid social Ad campaigns

 Building engagement  
  Brand loyalty  
  Driving sales  
  Paid social Ad campaigns  

It’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing social media world. It’s time consuming, and to succeed it needs a well thought out strategy.

Whilst organic reach is (almost) over, the benefits of social media are not. Yes, it has become more of a ‘pay to play’ area but it’s also a massive shop window for brands.

With many consumers checking social media before purchasing, your correct use and social media strategy is more important than ever.

Social media is perfect for building trust and increasing awareness. We can create a strategy for your social media organic engagement and for your paid advert campaigns — and much more besides.

Every strategy is different, that’s why we offer a free consultation on the many social media options available to you.

If you are looking for a social media agency in London call us on 020 7870 2000 or fill in our online form.

Are you making the most of your social media?

In the UK there are 45 million social media users — 67% of the entire population!

The average UK based user spends 1 hour & 50 minutes per day on social media.


74% of consumers rely on social media to make buying decisions.

Every strategy is different

It’s not just creating posts, it’s far more than that, as a social media agency in London we will help guide you in the multiple ways that you can use social media cost-effectively.

Even though organic reach is getting lower and lower, and it’s starting to be a ‘pay to play’ market it’s still essential to be active.

In this everchanging landscape it’s important to have the right social media strategy - one that ensures you are not wasting money, but are maximising the opportunities that are right for your company.

The possibilities are endless, but what’s right for you?

Let our social media agency in London work with you on a strategy that provides a return on investment and provides you with a competitor edge.

the many uses of Social Media


Increasing brand awareness

Improve brand loyalty

Be Discovered

Show your human side

Brand authority


User generated content



Targeted advertising


Direct sales approach

Lead generation

Customer service


Employee engagement

Reputation management


Crisis management

Quick communication

Customer insights


Data collection

Increasing website traffic

Getting people to events

Tracking competitors

SEO benefits

Collecting emails

What we will do

The strategy – it all starts here.

Understand your business, and make our work individual to you.

Understand your customers.

Study your website, corporate values, goals, aspirations and objectives.

Understand and target only the correct areas for your business.

Ensure we work in a cost-effective way.

one2one Digital Social Media Agency in London can assist you in all areas of social media.

For a free consultation on the many social media options open to you call us on 020 7870 2000.