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       one2one Digital and our dedicated email marketing agency in London Email-Ladder provide email marketing solutions and strategy

Email Marketing

"A coordinated set of individual email messages that are sent to a segmented and targeted list of recipients as an advertisement or newsletter."

What is Email Marketing?

With Email Marketing you can inform the clients on your email list about new products, special offers, and other services by using email marketing. Educating your audience about the worth of your brand or keeping them interested in between transactions can also be a softer sell. Moreover, it might be anything in between.

Marketing professionals understand that email marketing can enhance the relationship with your current or previous customers and encourage repeat business. They also know that even post GDPR, it has a great return on investment.

Executed correctly, email marketing can produce the biggest return on investment compared to any other digital marketing service.

Using an Email Marketing Agency ensures you get the highest return possible.

We have a proven track record and extensive knowledge of implementing effective campaigns.

We can assist you in converting those who are interested in your company into customers.

Measurable results     Better segmentation     Cost effective     Highly targeted

  Measurable results  
  Better segmentation  
  Cost effective  
  Highly targeted  

We offer a free consultation on your email marketing strategy - get it opened, clicked on and sold.

If you are looking at an email marketing agency in London call us on 020 7870 2000.

Email marketing is highly cost effective


Click through rates are 100% higher for segmented campaigns.


Targeted emails are 3 times more likely to be opened.


Personalised subject lines generate 50% higher open rates.

There are multiple ways that Email Marketing can work for you

Email marketing is versatile and whether you have a good GDPR mailing list or not has a place in all marketing strategies. Use it to for regular newsletters, special offers or as part of your reminder system to ensure customers re-order.

Keep customers informed (newsletters)
Send special offers and discounts
Announcements (new products, sales etc)
Keep customers up to date with order progress
Tackle cart abandonment
Send greetings (for birthday’s or holidays)
Post reminders to reorder
Make suggestions based on previous purchases
Send 'Thank-you’s'
Create welcome messages, or series of onboarding messages

Give our email marketing agency in London a call and let's discuss the ways for you to put email marketing to use, the best platforms and apps to use, and how to ensure that everything you do confirms to GDPR.

Why is Email Marketing so important?

One of our businesses is called Email Ladder, a dedicated email marketing agency in London. We can provide you with specialist help to achieve the following:


You can target specific dates and times for the best response

Increase brand awareness & company credibility

Obtain customer feedback & loyalty

Increase web traffic

Expand your customer base and improve your customer service

Encourage repeat business

Obtain more leads


It’s direct to your audience

Highly tailored to specific demographics

Has measurable results

Generate fast revenue from your campaigns

Very cost effective


Complete management of your campaigns

HTML email design, code and delivery

List management and cleaning

Creative approach

Choice of delivery platforms

Testing and advise services

Let our Email Marketing Agency run it

Fully trained email marketing experts, at your fingertips.

The very best value for your money.

Keeping you on the right side of all regulations including GDPR.

Ensuring every email and instruction can be read clearly on all possible devices.

Guaranteeing fast deployment of campaigns.

Automating triggered emails, from welcome emails to birthdays.

Improving segmentation and cleaning lists.

Comprehensive testing before sending.

Expert design and coding services.

Give us a call on 020 7870 2000 so we can discuss how our London-based Email Marketing Agency  can benefit your business.