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       one2one digital is a PPC Agency in London, and has years of experience in pay per click management.

Pay Per Click


"Online advertising where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their adverts is clicked, essentially a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to earn those visits organically."


What is PPC?

PPC refers to pay for each click. In this sort of digital marketing, you are charged every time a user clicks on one of your advertisements. Conduct practically any Google (or Bing) search to see what PPC advertising look like.

We will make your PPC campaign a success with our comprehensive service covering keyword research, landing pages and campaign management.

Grow your leads and sales right now with Google Adverts and increase your ROI.

Optimise your PPC Campaigns and pay the lowest possible cost per click from one of the best PPC agencies London.

Get to the top of SERP with target keywords that are challenging to reach via SEO. Works best in partnership with organic search.

Increase revenue, sales and leads. PPC is the fastest and most effective way to drive qualified customers to your website.

Custom Landing Pages     Targeted Traffic     Optimised Campaigns      Keyword Research

  Custom landing pages  
  Targeted traffic  
  Optimized campaigns  
  Targeting keyword research  

Our PPC agency in London will provide you with professional campaign management by a Google Partner, ensuring that you cut down waste and maximise success.

Call us on 020 7870 2000 and we will provide a free audit and strategy for you.

The pay per click market is huge


46% of clicks go to the top three paid ads on the SERP.


46% of people can’t identify paid ads on the search results page.


65% of customers will click on an advert when purchasing.

Get to the top of the search engine with paid adverts

Our experts at our PPC agency in London can ensure that your campaign works at its maximum potential, limits wastage, drives new traffic and is saving you money. Making your PPC Campaign a success is our number-one aim.

Our strategy is simple, it’s totally bespoke, centred on creating quality traffic and high conversions, focused around custom landing pages and targeting keyword research to provide you with targeted traffic and highly optimised campaigns.

Whether you are just starting or have existing campaigns, our experienced Google certified PPC managers can ensure that you get superb results from your PPC campaigns.

The many benefits and uses of Pay Per Click (PPC)



Results from a PPC Campaign are immediate

Highly measurable and targeted

Provides quality traffic

Control of costs

Allows you to compete with larger businesses

Fast entry


Getting you to the top of SERP

Focus on the most important and lucrative keyword terms

Works well with SEO

Increase website traffic and conversions

Brand testing



How does our PPC Agency work?

We will start by understanding your business, its goals and any PPC campaigns you have run in the past.

We will undertake a full keyword analysis for you and include within this a competitor analysis.

From there we will create multiple adverts and groups, along with landing pages and ensure they are highly relevant to the keywords selected.

Once everything is set up and running our PPC agency will  ensure we are constantly monitoring the campaigns to ensure your PPC spend is as efficient as possible.

By using our PPC agency in London you are assured of having a professional Google partner running your account.

If you are interested in the many possibilities available and want to see how our PPC agency in London can work to make your campaigns excel call us on 020 7870 2000.