Responsive mobile websites are vital for your business

Remember how many business owners who doubted the benefits of having a website about a decade ago? They eventually gave in and had a website built that screamed reluctance and have done little with it ever since? We’re reaching a similar tipping point now with mobile friendly websites. As the number of smartphone users goes up, astronomically so, so do the demands of people wishing to visit websites from their phone. The problem? If the website they visit isn’t built with mobiles in mind, they can’t see it.

The numbers that back this theory up are strong.  A 2009 survey found that 61% of people would leave a website if they cannot find what they are looking for straight away on their mobile device. There are also bigger concerns, beyond just user satisfaction, and that’s Google. They will always want to present users the best possible results, and recent algorithm changes that they might actually punish sites that don’t optimise for mobile devices. The recent data about mobile users is also startling, with data from August 2013 showing that 17.4% of website visitors globally did so through mobile devices, up from 11.1% in 2012. For two Saturday’s in July the BBC received more traffic from mobile devices than it did via desktops.

What’s more is just how much more important local search is becoming. If your business is one that is in say, retail, or somewhere that organic footfall might be a factor, then being prepared for local search is huge. People are in a location, looking for say a restaurant.  They Google it and they are presented with a number of nearby options (provided you’re signed up for Google local). Then they go through to the website and look at the menu and decide to eat, all with the space of a couple of minutes, all on their mobile device. If you’re savvy enough to be on Google Local, chances are you know the benefits of mobile design too, but if not, those people who were looking for a quick eating option aren’t likely to stay on your website for long.

The solution you need for your website is a responsive mobile design, one website that will adapt itself depending on the size of a device. This is great as it means your site will look good regardless of whether it’s on a mobile, a tablet or a desktop. It’s also easier to manage, as you’re only working with one site structure rather than multiple ones with mobile specialist sites or even apps. Here at One2One Digital we have web design specialists that can help create a modern, mobile friendly website for your business.