Make Your Website Beautiful

First Impressions Count, so Make Your Website Beautiful

Not many businesses would argue that a website isn’t an essential of modern marketing – with the growth of search-based sales, an online presence is essential to establish your brand. If you don’t have an online presence, you can bet your competitors do, so you have to be in the game. Moreover, your website must be as good as if not better than theirs – and an attractive design is one of the essential elements. If a site looks good, it will make visitors want to go deeper into it, and that’s where you have a change to promote your brand name and make a sale. The first impression of your website is the one which will often stick, so what do you have to do to make your site attractive?

Make Your Website Beautiful

Navigation Should Be Easy

People should be able to find what they are looking for quickly and with ease. Statistics show that we lose up to 50% of visitors each time we make them click on a link. The user should not have to click on 10 links, then scroll down the page and click the ‘back’ button to find what they are looking for. You want them to enjoy surfing your website and it should be easy for them to obtain the information they were looking for.

Fast Loading Speed

This has to be one of the biggest problems of the internet. People just don’t have time and patience to wait for your website to load. So it is important to make sure your website is able to cope with everyday demands. Another thing, do not assume that everyone has high-speed internet.  If your website is not able to load in 10 seconds or less – think about reducing the number and size of graphics as the best way to make a fast loading website is to have more text than graphics.


Black writing on a white background is easy to read. The easier it is to read your content the more attractive and effective your content will come across. If you use inappropriate colours that make your copy difficult to read it will not be read as much as it could be. This could affect the financial performance of your business because if no one reads your content how are you to make sales?

Social Media

Having social media links on your website will make it more user-friendly and will allow content to be easily shared. By making it easier for your audience to share your content this helps with getting your business out there and more awareness of your business.


Along with design elements and speed, the most essential element of a website now is that it performs well on mobile platforms. Your website needs to conform to the device or platform in use – ask your website developer for advice on how to do this. By making your website adaptable in this way, you improve user experience, and remove the need for search engines such as Google to crawl and index more than one version of your site.