Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

There was a time where Artificial intelligence, data-driven marketing, and Voice search engine optimisation were just a potential future and even seen as being too optimistic, now these are some of the top digital marketing trends. As they should be, there are constant innovations and advancements when it comes to the online world. And it is our job to stay on top of all of these changes and stay ahead of the curve

No More Cookies!

In January 2020 google chrome announced its decision to eliminate third-party cookie tracking from its search engine google chrome by 2022 to support demands for privacy.

The elimination of third-party cookies is one of the standout changes and one which will not be good news for marketers. GetApp suggests that 41% of marketers believe that their biggest ongoing challenge will be an inability to track the right data.

The real alternative might have to be smarter advertising – Tanzil Bukhari, managing director for ad verification firm DoubleVerify, predicts that the death of third-party cookies will usher in the rise of contextual ad targeting, in other words targeting a user based on what page they are currently visiting. “Rather than showing you a Nike ad because you were shopping for shoes two hours ago, you’ll get a Nike ad because you’re reading about the Olympics,” he said. Maybe the days of being shown adverts for ladders when you’ve just bought a ladder are on their way out.

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Rise Of Artificial Intelligence

As an impact of the decision to eliminate third-party cookie tracking, AI in digital marketing will become more prominent, Digital marketing campaigns and strategies that do not include AI technologies and software will not be able to utilise user reports, as well as the best possible keyword recommendations for better organic traffic. And this, in turn, will impact the company’s sake and traffic.

With the aid of AI applications and software, marketers can process billions of data points throughout numerous different digital marketing platforms that will be in line with your brand. Using this data AI applications and software’s can process and provide predictive analytics for marketers to optimise.


You may be aware of the fact that Facebook has officially rebranded itself as ‘meta’ and the company CEO introducing the key product being the ‘meta-verse’, which will be a 3-D online virtual space where people can teleport as a hologram, allowing them to be present in places such as meetings, concerts and more. When you look at graphs and trends there is a clear demand for virtual and augmented experiences and is expected to keep growing. This is a clear indication of users’ interests and eagerness to embrace the digital era. Marketers now need to consider how to implement virtual and augmented experiences when it comes to their marketing campaigns.

Zero-Click Search

With the increasing use of voice assistants, such as Alexa and Siri voice searches have become very popular amongst users which has added to the rise of ‘zero-click searches’ This allows users to access information immediately, without going through a website, blog post or advertisement. According to studies, zero-click searches have increased by 65% in the last year alone.

Social Media

It is no surprise that social media is a fundamental part of digital marketing, but now not only are the users on social platforms growing each year, but the time spent is also increasing. Social media is becoming a place where most users spend most of their time on, with this and the added features on social media, utilising the shop features of these social media platforms, as you can tag products in posts and push them straight to your social media following without them. Another recent trend from top brands Is utilizing social media for customer service, customers are now able to talk to people through a message on the chosen platform, Aswell as influencer marketing.

As there are no limitations to how far the online/digital world can go, it is hard to know what next digital marketing strategy you should use and what is in line with your brand, and what is the best solution for you, that is where we can help you. Our team full of experts is skilled in nearly every form of digital and traditional marketing practises, which creates a blend that can improve a business’ traffic, visibility and sales.

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