benefits of content marketing

Content marketing proves knowledge is king

How many times do you get approached by an SEO company, which says it can get you ranked by the search engines higher?

For us, it’s about once a day. Sometimes if the current SEO work is so bad, it’s possible that a few of these companies may help… a little. But never a lot.
Today you really cannot look at a single element and expect to succeed long term, and you are certainly not going to build a business this way.
At One2One Digital, we believe that you have to treat the whole patient-not a part. That all starts with a full audit, not just a technical one but also a business one: finding out where your potential customers are, what their issues are and how we can reach them.
You need a full Content Marketing plan where everyone can work towards achieving the same goal that will find customers, keep customers and increase their spend. The separate divisions of a digital marketing company should work together and in unison; one hand washes the other and both wash the face. Thus, each should be acting as a pillar for the integrity of the entire company, supporting the need for content marketing.

But if you find a company that doesn’t educate you before you speak with them, then you need to ask if this is the right company for your business. When finding a company’s website that offers a service, you should immediately be able to learn something about the organization, and if they have a blog about their industry, then this is only a plus because it shows that they are there for their customers’ needs.