9 things to do before starting any ppc investment

9 things to do before starting any ppc investment

Every click costs money so companies need to get their campaigns right and right fast, some trial and error is fine as long as the mistakes and non performing adverts are removed quickly. But there are many ways that you can look, learn and adapt before you start your PPC Investment.

9 things to do before starting any ppc investment

Here are our 9 things to do before starting any PPC Investment.

Following these before starting any Investment will not only save you money but it all also save you time and help you win with your PPC Investment quickly.

So what exactly are the things that you should be doing prior to starting your Investment?

Well although we say 9 things to do before starting any PPC Investment we could just say one central thing.

In a nutshell – your competitors – looking at what they do and have done in the past will ensure that the mistakes they made and the money they wasted on their Paid Search are not repeated by you.

Intelligence on your competitors will show you a whole range of information about what works for them and what does not including whether the keyword is going to lead to conversion.

Our 9 things to do before starting any PPC Investment are:

Download every advert your competitors are continuing to use and the ones they have stopped using. Analysis of the adverts in order of their placement will help you understand what works, and what did not work.  

Look and see what their best performing adverts are, these are the ones they keep running, a great help in ensuring your PPC Investment works as well.  

Look at what adverts they stopped using and understand why they did so that they are the ones that lost money not you.

Look at what their best performing keywords are, once you know the working keywords you are on the road to success with your PPC Investment.

Look at what did not perform for them and try to understand why, let them lose the money on their PPC Investment not you.

See who else is using your chosen keywords and see the adverts they are running using them. By doing this you get a head start on the competition so your PPC Investment is wisely used.

Monitor when your close competitors change tact and why they did so, because there is always a reason for keyword changes.

Look and see how they adjust their adverts depending on the month, seasonal changes can be important understanding the scope of these changes that your competitors do give you a head start in your PPC Investment.

The ninth item is maybe the most important, in any event it’s the easiest, use One2One Digital to do all this for you and get a head start on your PPC Investment.

At One2One Digital we do every single one of these things before we start any campaign, to help you get PPC success faster and with less pain. We then continue to monitor moving forward so that we can always be one step ahead of your competition.