10 signs you need help with social media

10 signs you need help with social media

Social media is no longer an option for small business it’s a necessity.

Once it might have been the thing that only worked for giant companies like Coca Cola or Nike, now your business will be left behind if you don’t have it at all. That’s why we have created the 10 signs you need help with Social media.

10 signs you need help with social media

If you find yourself nodding along to any of these points, then you need help with your social media.

 So here they are the 10 signs you need help with Social media

You don’t have a social media presence: It is paramount for any business these days to have a presence on social media; if potential customers cannot find you then you can bet a fair amount they will find one of your competitors.
You don’t update your feeds: While social media as a buying tool is still in its fledgling stages, there’s nothing more likely to turn off a potential new customer than a dead Facebook page or Twitter timeline.
You’re only interested in new customers: Social media is obviously a massive tool for gaining new customers, however, don’t forget your loyal followers in search of new ones, retention is just as important as growth. Balance your page so that it caters for both.
You only post about your brand: While the ultimate goal is new business, you will lose interest quickly if you’re only promoting your own products. Ensure a mix of different content related to your business area, rather than simply your product line.
You haven’t thought about other social networks: Everyone is on Facebook, most people are on Twitter. But have you thought about LinkedIn, Google + or Pinterest? They are not always applicable but all have their own individual benefits.
Your profiles are difficult to find: Are social media buttons prominent on your website? Do people have to leave your website to follow you on social media? Would anyone buying your products know about your social media accounts?
You’ve ignored Google +: While the long term social media benefits of Google + are yet to be seen, the SEO benefits of having a presence on Google’s social network is already being shown and will only become bigger as times goes on.
You’re not responding to comments: Nothing can strike a mark against you on Twitter or Facebook quite like an unanswered customer problem or complaint. While every business would love to never get complaints, it’s unavoidable. What is avoidable is leaving these unanswered.

You’re not advertising on Facebook: One massive benefit of Facebook, which we may never see replicated ever again, is the sheer range of data it has about its users. Not just demographics, but interests and likes. Not attempting to harness this will seriously hinder your ability to grow a Facebook page.

You don’t read or understand your analytics: Different businesses need different types of approach to social media. Not properly understanding who you are posting to will not help you get the most out of your pages.

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