Do you know how to use Google Analytics to its full potential?

Do you know how to use Google Analytics to its full potential? We can help you understand some of the most crucial statistics and if they are good or need work. Some terms may be confusing, however around reading this article you will become more familiar and confident with analysing your own analytics.​

Engagement rate

This is simply showing the duration of a person’s visit to your site. You may find, if you’re running a blog then you may see that a high percentage in the 0-10 second band. This is because they haven’t clicked further than a blog page. They could spend a while reading over it, however, once done they may leave the site. You want people to visit more than just one page on your site, therefore adding a call to action buttons or internal linking can aid with that.

Bounce rate

When a person clicks through to your website and leaves straight away or becomes inactive for 30 minutes – this is classed as a bounce. Below are three bullet points demonstrating why and how this may occur.

  • Your bounce rate could be high due to a few reasons. If your site is un-optimised then this could deter people from spending site on your website. For example, people are increasingly using mobile phones and tablet to surf the web. If you site isn’t mobile ready/ not optimised for that type of viewing – people may not even bother looking around. It is not just visual optimisation but written as well. For example, the title tag and meta description should relate closely to what the page it about. If they read the title tag and meta description and then find something completely different on the page – they may leave immediately.
  • Reducing bounce rates can be done through internal linking, call to action buttons and a fully optimised site.
  • First impressions count! You want to know the bounce rate for first-timers rather than revisiting customers. It doesn’t matter too much, for the bounce rate, if they are revisiting.

Landing page

This helpful option can be found under behaviour -> site content -> landing pages. Within the landing page tab, you will find what pages people are visiting the most. This can give you a really good indication as to how well each page is performing and which need work. If you have an amazing homepage, however, if people are predominantly finding you through your blog which isn’t as great and you see they do not go elsewhere on the site – you may need to rethink about what people first see when they come onto your website.

Sources of traffic

If you spend time on your SEO and you want to see how well people are finding your site organically this is a good way to view results. This is achieved by clicking on all sessions and there you can change your options. If you find there are bad organic results you may need to work on your SEO.