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Social media Case Study

Interlligent Campaign

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Interlligent, a dynamic company seeking to expand its online presence, recently approached us at one2one for assistance with their LinkedIn marketing strategy. Recognising the power and potential of LinkedIn as a platform for professional networking and brand visibility,

Interlligent sought our expertise in leveraging this platform to reach their target audience and drive engagement. With our proven track record in developing and executing successful LinkedIn marketing campaigns, Interlligent entrusted us to help them achieve their marketing goals and establish a strong presence within their industry.


"We approached One2One Digital for LinkedIn advertising services to promote our new course. Their expertise and tailored approach resulted in a significant increase in sign-ups and brand awareness. The regular communication and strategic adjustments ensured that our budget was optimally utilized, delivering excellent results. Highly recommend their services!"



We maintain regular communication with Interlligent through scheduled calls to ensure that their allocated budget is optimally utilised and that their advertising campaigns on LinkedIn are continuously refined for maximum effectiveness. By closely monitoring campaign performance metrics and analysing audience engagement data, we implement strategic adjustments to the ads in real-time, ensuring that every pound spent delivers tangible results.

This proactive approach allows us to adapt to changing market dynamics swiftly and make data-driven decisions that drive superior outcomes for Interlligent's marketing efforts


Our tailored LinkedIn marketing strategies led to a significant boost in Interlligent's following and engagement on the platform, resulting in a remarkable 40% increase. By leveraging targeted content, optimised ad campaigns, and strategic engagement tactics, we successfully attracted a larger audience and fostered meaningful interactions with their brand.

Through consistent monitoring and refinement of our approach, we were able to amplify Interlligent's presence on LinkedIn, driving greater visibility, credibility, and engagement within their target audience.



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