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SEO Case Study

Desiccants Campaign

Increasing traffic with orginal content - this is what our hard-working SEO team can do for you.


There is a lot of territory covered in the broad issue of SEO. The difficulty is in explaining SEO and all the ways you can improve it in terms that clients can comprehend, so it doesn't feel like such a strange language.

The goal of Desiccants was to get a better standing in the competitive world of Desiccants.

I explained SEO to my client to help them grasp its importance in today's digital marketing plans without becoming too technical, I've found that they have a greater knowledge of the value of SEO.



Our team examined the website and its existing content to make sure they ranked higher on search engines. We had to optimise the data,  add alt texts and meta descriptions, and developed pages in light of our findings. We identified a range of  keywords for every page whilst accessing their competitors, and then applied them to the most pertinent one. To raise their ranks and entice visitors to click on the page, we made all the necessary SEO improvements.


The rise in website traffic since we started working with them has helped Desiccants immensley and has improved their online presence. The website for Desiccants has a high search engine rating for relevant keywords and gets a lot of clicks each month.

We make sure the goals and workflow are clear so that the report aligns with the monthly deliverables. These specifics show how much work we do in the background on behalf of your clients.

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