mobile marketing

The crazy world of mobile marketing

The world of mobile technology is at the same time a problem to tackle, and the biggest opportunity for your business. Crack it, and you can find it’s a treasure trove of rewards in the form of leads and sales – but get it wrong, and you can find your marketing plans disappearing up blind alleys. Mobile is now the …

DIY Website

Is Your DIY Website Failing You? The Pros and Cons Of Creating Your Own Website

It’s always a temptation to think that you can save money by developing your own website rather than paying a professional website designer. After all, there are many free tools available to help everyone, even a beginner, to put together something that looks pretty good with the minimum of effort. But is this a false hope? Developing your own website …

Make Your Website Beautiful

First Impressions Count, so Make Your Website Beautiful

Not many businesses would argue that a website isn’t an essential of modern marketing – with the growth of search-based sales, an online presence is essential to establish your brand. If you don’t have an online presence, you can bet your competitors do, so you have to be in the game. Moreover, your website must be as good as if …

Does your business need mobile

Does your business need mobile?

Ever since 2015 when Google started ranking sites according to how mobile-friendly they are, it’s become essential to cater for customers using smartphones or tablets. If your website drops in the rankings because it’s not mobile friendly, you’re on a slippery slope. With mobile platforms now accounting for over 60 percent of searches, you can’t afford to be missing out …

Business shopping on mobile

Is your business losing out on mobile traffic?

The web is continuously evolving, for all sorts of reasons; the power of computing devices and the sophistication of web browsers among them. But probably the main stimulus to change in the last few years has been the increasing use of mobile technology. While mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can be every bit as powerful as desktop machines, …

Six SEO bits you should not overlook

Six SEO bits you should not overlook

You have a great looking website and you have a vision for how it will attract customers. But do you really understand what needs to be done to reach the masses? While your company may be offering the best products and services next to sliced bread, your website still needs to be properly optimized for anyone to find it. And …

8 pitfalls to avoid with your ppc campaign

8 pitfalls to avoid with your ppc campaign

Thinking of running a PPC campaign – Think again Yes, a PPC Campaign can increase traffic to your website and drive new business to you, but the number of failed campaigns far out weight the successful ones. So just why do a large number of PPC Campaigns fail? Here are 8 pitfalls to avoid with your PPC Campaign. The premise …

9 things to do before starting any ppc investment

9 things to do before starting any ppc investment

Every click costs money so companies need to get their campaigns right and right fast, some trial and error is fine as long as the mistakes and non performing adverts are removed quickly. But there are many ways that you can look, learn and adapt before you start your PPC Investment. Here are our 9 things to do before starting any …

A New Website for Our Sister Agency, TRON Media

We are pleased to announce that our sister Agency, TRON Media, have recently launched their newly re-designed website. As a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Brighton, TRON Media have been offering a selection of quality digital services for almost 10 years’.

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