12 reasons your new website design will fail

12 reasons your new website design will fail

12 reasons your new website design will fail

It’s all in the planning!

You want and visualise a great new website, and start looking for companies that can get everything in shape for you – so far so good. But there are many things that can go wrong in the creation of your new website and often you will pay by having to pay more to put them correct later.

So before you press the button on your new web design have a read of our 12 reasons your new website design will fail and make sure that you are on the right road for success with your new website by following our tips for getting it right from the start.

So here are our 12 reasons your new website design will fail.

Get a Plan

First stage web designers are visionary (at least ours are!), but to get them working best they need to fully understand the end game and what’s important to you and your organization. So make sure you tell them in detail.

Get the Structure Correct

There is really no point in starting a website design until you are totally sure that it’s going to do everything you want in the way that you want to do it, so talk everything through and do not start until you are happy.

Get the priorities right

So that the high priority items are completed first, this ensures that what’s important to you is focused on at the start and not rushed at the end.

Don’t change the project plan

Changing the project plan, once under way is expensive, so ensure that that design you agreed to is the one you want. Better to say, change this at the design stage than decide after the programming is done.

Think SEO

Don’t wait on this or accept any company that says we add that later. This is an early stage priority and will affect everything search related later.

Think Social Media

See above and get this discussed early so it’s fully incorporated into the design.

Think Content

The design may be great but it needs great content as well, ensure you know who is going to do this and how and what the program is to extend that content later.

Think about your digital assets

You may have more than you think, so sort all your videos, articles, pictures etc. out and see what you have and where it is. Better to create a content marketing strategy so you remain in ownership of your assets and are driving people to your website.

Think future communication

Is this going to be by email, if so how are you capturing their information.  

Think customer

You know you are wonderful but make sure your site is going to serve your customers’ needs

Keep it simple

People are impatient so ensure whoever comes to your site can find what they want quickly and easily

Be responsive

Make sure all your customers can view your website on whatever platform they are viewing it on.

At One2One Digital we will ensure all these early stage website issues are taken care off so that you get your new website on time, on budget and looking just like you wanted it to. Using One2One Digital will ensure your website does not fail.