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The bigger picture of facebook instant articles

It has often been a consideration over what might come of Facebook after the novelty wore off. If MySpace rise and fell then wouldn’t the same thing happen to Facebook once a newer, better product came along?...

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Opening the firehose – what does google’s partnership with twitter mean?

Twitter and Google have re-established a partnership that concluded a few years ago that will see Twitter provide Google access to its API, which will allow Google to incorporate live Twitter data into its search...

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Facebook organic reach in 2015

A recent study by Socialbakers showed that organic reach for photos on Facebook is now incredibly low, somewhat bizarrely given that the trend as recent as last year hailed photo posts as perhaps the holy-grail...

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Facebook introduces “relevance score” to the world

While it’s likely something that Facebook has always used as part of its advertising platform, Facebook have this week unveiled something new to advertisers called “relevance score”. In what seems to be something...

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Why is facebook still growing?

Facebook released some very interesting data in their 2014 fourth quarter numbers. Interesting in the sense that they were pretty much a home run for the company. The share price was up, the advertising revenues...

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Is facebook right for my business in 2015?

As Facebook makes more and more tweaks to its news feed algorithm, you slowly look at the situation and wonder whether Facebook is the definite certainty it was for businesses say two to three years ago. You...

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