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Can facebook conquer the world with atlas?

Facebook this week made an official announcement over the launch of Atlas, a new tracking and advertising tool to help advertisers better follow people through the process. The main part of it, or at least the...

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Analysing ebay’s claim that ppc advertising has “no measurable benefit”

A study was released this week which said there was “no measurable benefit” to pay-per-click, Google Adwords advertising. A bold and fascinating statement that flies in the face of the endless line of businesses...

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Could facebook become a viable ppc compliment to google adwords?

Before Christmas I wrote about how Google and Facebook are converging more and more. Facebook, with graph search, is trying to become a social search engine. And Google, with Google Plus, are try to become more...

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Why you should consider bing for your pay per click advertising

Google has become synonymous with the pay per click advertising world in the same way it has with organic search. People talk about Google Adwords in the same way they talk about “Googling” something, such is the...

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