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Why is facebook still growing?

Facebook released some very interesting data in their 2014 fourth quarter numbers. Interesting in the sense that they were pretty much a home run for the company. The share price was up, the advertising revenues...

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Does google’s webmaster warning present a great seo opportunity?

Google this week sent out warnings via webmaster tools to a significant number of users about the mobile usability of their website. The errors stated that “100% (of your pages) have critical mobile usability...

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Is facebook right for my business in 2015?

As Facebook makes more and more tweaks to its news feed algorithm, you slowly look at the situation and wonder whether Facebook is the definite certainty it was for businesses say two to three years ago. You...

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Local awareness – facebook steps out into the streets

It's about time Facebook really stepped up its use of mobile data. Over the last couple of years they've developed their offering so they know exactly where businesses are location and, via their mobile apps,...

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Can facebook conquer the world with atlas?

Facebook this week made an official announcement over the launch of Atlas, a new tracking and advertising tool to help advertisers better follow people through the process. The main part of it, or at least the...

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Analysing ebay’s claim that ppc advertising has “no measurable benefit”

A study was released this week which said there was “no measurable benefit” to pay-per-click, Google Adwords advertising. A bold and fascinating statement that flies in the face of the endless line of businesses...

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